by Ney
Q3ultraDM13 by Ney

Grab Lost World (q3dm13), duplicate it and rotate the second map around the large central pillar. Place some CTF flags and this is what you have.

Being a fan of the original map, I was a little excited at first to see how it would play. Sadly, a 3 vs 3 match was a big let down. Flag captures can take place very quickly. Large sections of the map can be completely ignored as they serve no purpose at all.

At first I thought this issue may have been due to the flag location, but it is more to do with the original layout. Lost World was simply made for DM, not CTF.

Bot support is included but they have issues. They can often be found just standing around.

Interesting to see q3dm13 as a CTF but it just does not work.

Ranked: 3 out of 5 (6 votes)

Download: Q3ultraDM13 by Ney