rev1 by Benjamin Pulido

Described as a transformation of the first mission of the expansion Quake 4: A Strogg's Revenge but that is about as exciting as it gets.

The map looks nothing like anything I've seen in Quake 4 (which is fine for a conversion btw) but a hodgepodge of textures and themes is not working at all.

Lighting and visuals follow this confused mixture of ideas. Some areas are saturated with colour, flat and dull. There are a number of electric shaders used that would give any occupational health and safety personal a heart attack - except the pulsing sparks of electricity are harmless to touch.

Visuals aside, how does it play? Sadly the layout is only slightly more than single twisting corridor with a few doors, jumppads and teleporters. To add to the visual confusion, one of the teleporters is just a wall lava. The map is flooded with weapons, ammo and other items. For example a BFG with 2 ammo box is located in a room with one entrance, health, armor, a Rail Gun and another 2 BFG ammo boxes seconds away.

Bot support is included.

Best to skip this one.

Ranked: 0.4 out of 5 (8 votes)

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