Doodlebug by dONKEY

From a honored mapper with a long list of maps to their name. This is a simple tourney, neat and solid, as usual. There are some very tight connections (mostly in lower corridors) that look strange comparing with the whole map. The teleporter area seems to look a bit dark.

All the rest is OK, especially the jumppad taking player from the lower hallway to the one of upper levels. This might be very surprising for an opponent. Every time it is needed there is a chance to get up from the lower corridor using boxes which seem to be marked with a ladder texture because they taking you up by one jump.

Item placement is interesting too: the MH lies as usual, the YA is placed under rather a tight arch and it is harder to take it fast. Personally, one more YA might have worked.

Finally: the map is nice and plays fast - do yourself a favor - grab it now! It's nice to see something worthy in 2016.

Reviewed by Obsessed

Ranked: 4.7 out of 5 (3 votes)

Download: Doodlebug by dONKEY