Technical Damnation
Technical Damnation by FractalXX

A fast, small Tourney, Team DM or 4 player DM map. A combo of textures from The Forgotten Place (q3dm5) and Vertical Vengeance (q3tourney4) paints a Sci-Fi and urban the theme.

The layout consists of single courtyard surrounded by a series of corridors, pathways, ledges and a waterway - all at different heights. This layout seems somewhat random at first but once the game heats up it comes together well.

Bots are supported but have issues with the water. Adding more bots and playing Team DM seems to help this issue a bit compared to smaller DM matches.

The textures are a bit of a miss - especially the overuse of the brick texture. More time spent on alignment, texture sizing and choice may have helped to clean things up.

A solid layout with good game play. Just a shame about the bot issues. A new paint job might be nice too.

Ranked: 2.3 out of 5 (3 votes)

Download: Technical Damnation by FractalXX