by fKd
Jackal by fKd

A beautifully visually rich, almost symmetrical 3 level tower map. The environment is flooded with attention to details. The map size is well suited and connected for 3 player DM or 2 player Tourney matches.

The tower design leads to fast, hectic games with nowhere to hide. Very enjoyable.

You can work your way up to the top level using the surrounding stairways and launch pads but there are other ways too. Each floor is clearly signposted, something that helps a lot.

Some items are scattered about on ledges which you will need to drop down to. The Red Armour is one example near the top of the map. These items are not exactly hidden and require a little bit of thinking about - as they are not in your direct line of sight.

Bots played the map well but seldom go for the Red Armour, never for the Mega Health.

Visually exciting with strong game play. Well worth downloading.

Update: The release and download has been updated. The current version fixes a small bot issue. (2nd June, 2016)

Ranked: 4.4 out of 5 (10 votes)

Download: Jackal by fKd