Unholy Sanctuary
Unholy Sanctuary by Martinus

An extremely ambitious map pack consisting of 4 unique, but similarly themed maps. A lot of work has gone in to the construction of these maps.

Visually overwhelming at first, you may simply spend the first few minutes of each map exploring the details. Reading the included readme will explain the theme and very rich back story to the release.

Bot games are enjoyable but the most fun with these maps would be against a few fellow humans in team games and maybe the odd bot to make up the numbers.

All four maps support Tourney, DM and Team DM games. CTF is also supported on the Boneforts and Faceless levels. While Tourney games are supported, due to the scale and layout, best to keep this game mode to Introduction and Faceless or throw in a few bots for a Team DM match.

There are a number of areas that are clipped off to prevent the player from navigating them. Some of these sections make sense while others do not. There are also missing platform sounds (which were never included in the original game). While I understand the desire to include platforms and Quake 3 does technically support them too, platforms are an issue because of these missing sounds.

A very creative and enjoyable release. Full of details and interesting features. Gameplay wise the maps are a little weak but still enjoyable. Well worth the download. Oh, and there are even secrets and cubes included.

Ranked: 4.3 out of 5 (6 votes)

Download: Unholy Sanctuary by Martinus