Hydra by Pat Howard

Yet another excellent masterpiece from Pat Howard. Hydra is a map themed in a futuristic industrial site with clean metal and concrete walls and number of crates laying around. Water is a major feature.

For textures, Sock's industrial set was chosen along with few of the author's own and some from the original game.

The map is architecturally rich and detailed to suit the textures. This adds a lot to the overall atmosphere. A number of barrels have leaked and left stains on the otherwise clean textures. A nice detail.

Layout and item placement are prefect. A lot of things have changed over the alpha and beta testing releases. For example, early in development lava was used instead of water. This is far from the only change.

Playability is flawless and game flow is nice and smooth. There are easy to do tricks scattered throughout the map too. There are no Easter eggs or secret or I might overlook something like that :)

Bots play without any noticeable flaws and are pretty tough to beat.

I see no reason to waste time, start downloading ;)

Reviewed by CZghost

Ranked: 4.9 out of 5 (15 votes)

Download: Hydra by Pat Howard