June, 2015


Title: Hydra
Filename: hydra.pk3
Gametype: FFA, Duel, Team DM
Theme: Future Industrial
Capacity: 2-6 players
Bot Support: Yes
Author: Pat Howard
Email: **email removed**


Hydra is a small two-atrium FFA map. It also works well for tourney. The only downside is I think the simplicity of the connectivity hurts the replay value a bit in tourney mode. Still, it should offer some fun matches regardless of the game type.

The map was started in August of 2014 around the time that I wrote my first Fundamentals of Gameplay article on Quake3World. Due to the Mapcore competition later that year, a move, and the development of another map, Trespass, progress on this map happened in spurts over the course of ten months.

I primarily used Sock's excellent industrial texture set. The textures are hi-res and beautiful and it's a surprise to me that more mappers haven't used them. I knew from the start that I didn't want to create a traditional industrial environment here. Instead, I wanted to do another tech-fusion theme as in Goldleaf where I went for a futuristic look that borrows some ideas from a more ancient type of architecture. I wanted this place to look like something that the Mayans might make if they were still around today, and you can see it in the corbeled arches and some of the window designs. As development progressed it was clear that the theme needed a functional aspect, so I also took loose inspiration from water treatment plants and decided to create logos for a fictional corporation to sell the concept.



Sock (industrial texture set) - www.simonoc.com
Hipshot (bouncers, teleporters, red lights) - www.zfight.com
Phantazm11 (grates, gauges, item markers) - www.phantazm11.com
Tabun (decals) - www.tabun.nl
Pat Howard (Hydra Corp logos)


NSW for testing
for support and encouragement - you guys rock!


id Software



This map may only be redistributed with prior consent or submission
of the author, Pat Howard.

You may not alter the current state of this .pk3 file for public use
without my permission.

If this map is used as a base or starting point for another, please
credit me in your readme.

All assets created for this map by me are free for the community to use,
but please credit any original authors as I have done in this readme.

If you would like to use assets in this map that were not created by me,
please check with the other authors for permission.


Thanks for downloading!