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Hydra by Pat Howard
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FragTastic Rep. 936
#8   18 Jan 2016
I'm loving these Pat Howard maps like seriously there's something different about them to the rest like I have this weird tingly feeling when playing them and it's a good feeling trust me. Keep it up Pat!
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octav unregistered
#7   02 Nov 2015
Thanks fo help; @tig: - it worked, altough I really didnt found those previously missing textures in the map pk3... @V1979: I renamed the .shader and it works, fortunately with all other pk3-s in baseq3 - many custom maps and bots. Again, an excellent map, congrats Pat!.
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V1979 Rep. 263
#6   01 Nov 2015
Maybe, it would be enough to rename *.shader files in this *.pk3.
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Tig Rep. 684
#5   01 Nov 2015
@octav: There are no missing textures for me when playing the map. It is possible that another map has a shader error and that is causing a chain reaction of errors.

A good way to test is to remove all other PK3 files from your baseq3 directory except the official PK3 file and hydra.pk3 - then run the game again. Just move the others to a different directory for testing.

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octav unregistered
#4   01 Nov 2015
Very nice map, thanks Pat. Some textures (12) are missing, for example metb-light3/1_on; jumpad_dust_outer; env//hip-miramar;; lamp_small_red_3/2/1 and others; where to get them?, they are not in the pk3 thanks
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Hipshot Rep. 164
#3   14 Sep 2015
A very solid color range here Pat.
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phantazm11 Rep. 51
#2   11 Sep 2015
Looks fantastic Pat. Awesome use of textures and space. Great job man!
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pat howard Rep. 341
#1   11 Sep 2015
thanks for the review, czghost!
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