Catch Up
Catch Up by r3x.theCat

This map is a significant token of disrespect to those who would download it. I don't know why someone would create a map like this.

The level looks like a huge race track with primitive monotonous textures - complete with texturing errors.

The map may work as a rail only arena, but has been designed for CTF. It may take close to a day to travel from one base to the next (due to the scale of the map).

Bots are not supported (see below).

Reviewed by V1979

Tigs notes: While play testing this map I kept thinking I was missing something like a mod the map was designed for. Nothing like this is mentioned in the readme, so I'm at a bit of loss.

Bot file: Thanks to Mapsking for putting together a bot file for this release. 31st May, 2020.

Ranked: 0.4 out of 5 (4 votes)

Download: Catch Up by r3x.theCat