Shivers by nyoshk

Shivers is constructed with a vertical column layout with some areas that extrude from it. The geometry is somewhat complex in the sense that you are jumping from walkways to platforms. You have to watch your step in this map because you will find yourself falling down a lot and the bottom of the map is covered in toxic slime that will hurt when you fall in it. While it does add some thrill to moving and jumping around the map, it also leads to annoyance when you have falling into it for the so-manieth time and you have just lost yet another point because you were turned into molten goo.

Visually the map looks decent. Geometry and texturing looks nice in some areas but somewhat bland and uninspiring in others. The map does have a nice atmosphere to it and despite it's faults, it is an interesting experience if you give this map a play or two.

Reviewed by Eraesr

Ranked: 2.9 out of 5 (5 votes)

Download: Shivers by nyoshk