The Cave of Blood
The Cave of Blood by Rust7

The author of this map mentions that it was his first ever release for Q3A (back in 2006) and to be honest, it shows. The map is like a collection of random ideas that are mostly just poorly executed. The map shows many technical issues like double doors that are not linked, jumppads that are not properly aimed, z-fighting in brushes, staircases that are way too steep, solid light fixtures that you keep bumping your head on and bots getting stuck. The geometry consists of little more than floors, ceilings and walls and most surfaces consist of a single texture without any trims or details added to it.

The map has a ground floor and underneath something that resembles catacombs or cellars or something. The catacombs are really tight small corridors that are just hard to navigate. There is a jumppad that does not look like a jumppad at all, that will propel you upward into a tower if you don't hit the ceiling on your way up that is, that overlooks the upper area. It is not very easy to actually use this as a sniper position though. There are quite a few holes in walls and view-ports that allow you to look from one area into the other, but none of them really offer any tactical use.

All in all, this map is probably not worth your time.

Reviewed by Eraesr

Ranked: 2.5 out of 5 (2 votes)

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