Shivers by nyoshk
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Obsessed Rep. 626
#2   22 Dec 2017
Vertical gameplay is always an interesting challenge (will work/will not), and bots sometimes can't stand it, ofc. I use botclip brushes to help them, if it's possible. I am convinced that making important map objects reachable by humans only is not correct.
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kokoa Rep. 159
#1   21 Sep 2013
Ok. The map is aesthetically nice. The walls are very well textured. And the overall design is interesting. But the bots... they don't play very well here. Actually the botplay is awful.
There is an empty pool just in front of a Megahealth. The only way out is by using a ramp at the end of this pool, facing the MegaHealth. As far as I could see there is no other way out.
When a bot falls down there, it gets stuck, running and trying to jump over any edge. And if you stand at the opposite end to the ramp, the bot tries to reach you, unable to escape, unless it touches the ramp by coincidence.
Besides this, on the other side there is another pool with acid or some kind of toxic. Bots fall down there quite often. You could say that it's very easy to beat them, by just waiting.
Out of the above, is an interesting map. Playing it against another human is quite fun. And it looks great, at least for me.


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