Solar - AEon's Edit
Solar - AEon's Edit by Hipshot & AEon

First thing I realized when I entered the map is that it looks really nice. Good textures, details everywhere, custom shaders. The custom jumpads with fan and wind effect and the teleporter which is water flowing from a pipe are a nice touch.

The place looks like an abandoned facility, somewhere in a hot Mars type planet. There are some wooden planks in the map, used as bridges which also adds the overall theme. I really enjoyed playing in this atmospheric map.

The size of it is not too big, but well designed. The tunnels, stairs, elevated places and jumppads can be take a moment to learn, but is nothing to worry about. There are two main zones in the map which are connected with many paths.

The map seems to really suit Tourney mode. Items are well placed, two yellow and one red armor and also a MegaHealth. There is one powerup in the map, Quad, which is fun to use in FFA mode inside the pipes in the lower section of the map.

Bots use every path, they don't get stuck, they like to fight in the bottom of the map and inside those pipes, but they really don't miss a place. The map is also suitable for good flow strafing - making it more fun to play in any mode. I don't know the original version of this map, but this edition is purely cool.

I would say this map is just "well-designed". Definitely worth playing with players or for making Tourney matches with friends. Nice map and edition! Would like to see more of AEon's work!

Reviewed by Rust7

Tigs notes: This map is an edited version of a currently unreleased map by Hipshot.

Ranked: 4.4 out of 5 (13 votes)

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