by bst
Terminatria by bst

Here we have a medium sized base style map for about 2-6 players.

It is very complex but also very well connected; every area usually leads directly to each neighboring area. The good connectivity means that people who do not know the map can get around fine. But there is also a great deal of potential for "mastering" the map because there are tricks, shortcuts, and jumps to learn which will increase your ability to get around the map. There is a steep learning curve to master these tricks, because of the complexity of the map. Plays well when you and your friends are first learning it, and even better once you know it well.

Terminatria has been textured in a futuristic base/tech theme and is one of the best implementations of this theme I've seen. The detail is astounding, and very well finished. There is so much that in some parts it is almost overwhelming, but it is extremely cool to look at. The different areas look unique but all fit very well into theme. Very atmospheric.

The item placement is pretty standard, nothing really unique about it. It is well balanced and helps create solid gameplay. The map is a little bit prone to domination because of its layout.

Bots play well, but an intelligent human opponent is better.

Performance is good throughout the whole map.

Overall a very good looking map with solid gameplay. Begin download.

Reviewed by naturalspringwater

Ranked: 4.7 out of 5 (23 votes)

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