Vicious by _woot_

This creation from an aspiring mapper known as "_woot_" shows promise for the future, but as of now delivers simple, yet mildly fun gameplay. It is designed for both Quake III and Quake Live (offline).

The theme is typical id-Gothic, save a few custom textures and some from QL. It is not going to make you cling to your seat in awe, but it is not horrendous either. The main issue was having too many flashy colors, like the bright red fire or the yellow from the light fixtures. Reducing the saturation and intensity of these colors would make things a lot more subtle as far as taste goes. There are high points too though - the RA room contains a well-constructed ceiling composed of aging wood planks, and part of it is broken. As a matter of fact, many areas have respectable ceiling work, helping to reduce a sense of flatness in design.

The layout is easy to navigate and is scaled just about right - even the hallways do not feel all that tight, giving you some breathing room for fighting and movement. Vertical gameplay is somewhat sparse and there are only two floors, but it is not to the point that you feel like you are fighting in a Doom map. The RG takes a hike here, and probably for the best as there are several spots where you have a long line-of-sight from your location. "Vicious" is small enough for a casual 1-on-1, but plays even better in small FFA's.

The map won't stick around forever but it would not hurt to give it a shot. By the way, the .zip file and .bsp have different names. The .bsp is called "vicious", not "viciousq3".

Reviewed by EmeraldTiger

Ranked: 3.8 out of 5 (6 votes)

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