Paradoxx-DM2 and Paradoxx-DM3
Paradoxx-DM2 and Paradoxx-DM3 by Martinus

This release contains 2 maps, Paradoxx-DM2 and Paradoxx-dm3. First thing I stumbled upon was that the .bsp have a different file name, prdoxx-dm2.bsp and prdoxx-dm3.bsp. So keep that in mind when you want to start the map from the console.

Now on with the maps themselves. The author states in the read-me that he did not use any HQ-textures. The textures come from doom1, Doom II, Hexen and Heretic. So did some ambient/mover sounds. I personally did not play these games much but that is just my bad ;) The source and the low quality of the textures add to the vintage feeling of the maps. The down side is that in some areas they look ugly and out of place. Some of these textures are used to create a skybox in Paradoxx-DM3, showing a huge structure and a skull that not only brings back memories but also is blurry, ugly and a bit hard on the FPS.

There is quite an effort put in both maps. Paradoxx-DM3 is Paradoxx-DM2 bigger brother, and to me Paradoxx-DM2 is big, so Paradoxx-DM3 is huge! Both maps have three main areas. One huge courtyard with a lot of items, in the center there is a structure with several levels each holding their own power-up. Mega-healths, armours are placed around it in some 'hard to get' places.

There is a side area with even more goodies and a lot of lava, which is wisely bot-clipped so it is a no-go area for the bots. And a third area where you can pick-up the Rail Gun and the lightning. The huge courtyard is connected to the Rail Gun area by a platform where you find the rocket-launcher.

The lighting on both maps is not that great. It is possible to get much more out off q3map2. There are also a few duplicated side areas, reachable by some doors that causes the bots some problems because they allow only player-traffic from one direction. It seems to me that these side areas did not receive the same level of attention as the main areas. The lighting in these areas is more off and structurally more simple. The other weapons can be picked up here. The BFG is not available.

This description goes for both paradoxx-dm2 and paradoxx-dm3. As mentioned, paradoxx-dm3 being bigger and holding more power-ups.

The author states that these maps are old and forgotten and upon (re)discovering some bugs and other stuff have been fixed.

For some vintage-map lovers perhaps a nice addition but certainly not a keeper. The bots play the map, but they do not go every where and have a few issues as well.

I personally believe that there are quite some good points in these maps but they are lost in size and disjointed layout.

Reviewed by Takkie

Tigs notes: The custom sounds will override the default Q3A sounds. For this reason it is recommended when you finish playing this level you either delete or remove the prdoxx-dm2-3.pk3 from your baseq3 folder.

Ranked: 3.2 out of 5 (3 votes)

Download: Paradoxx-DM2 and Paradoxx-DM3 by Martinus