Chicken White
Chicken White by dONKEY

This is dONKEY entry for the 20 brush contest.

The map itself is pretty simple, there is an upper level which is basically made up of walkways and a lower level where there is a lot more room to move. You will find health or ammo a few steps away in any direction. All around this lower level, there are really narrow ledges where you can find a few more items. Texturing is plain simple, all textures were created by the author except the jump pads (modified from original Sock's images).

Gameplay is... well, what you could expect from such a small map. 1v1 could be interesting, with more people would be crowded but could be fun by shooting rockets or grenades from above.

The jump pad that you will use to reach the upper level (the one right next to the rocket ammo) will push you a little bit too hard, so expect to lose some health when you land. The other jump pads will push you even harder and higher, but in this case there is a reason: that is the way to go to get the Red Armour or the MegaHealth - both items are teamed up.

Bots seemed to play well, they even went for the Red Armour.

Check this one out if you are in for small and fast maps, or if you would like to see what can be done with only 20 brushes.

Reviewed by GuitarMan

Ranked: 3.1 out of 5 (5 votes)

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