by Ney
Q3ultraTourney3 by Ney

One of 2 CTF spin-offs of id Software maps that were simultaneously sent in by Ney - this level takes a shot at a CTF version of Hell's Gate (Q3Tourney3). The bases are mirrored and joined via the RA room.

The initial thought that came to my mind is "damn this is big". Yup, the author for some mysterious reason decided to scale it to 180% of the original size. That makes for two very large areas that make up this map.

The map is recommended for Insta Rail mode. Without Insta Rail, you are contending with a disastrous item layout on epic proportions - weapon spawns right on top of the flags, and that really straight bridge route from flag to flag can give you 2 red armors and 2 battle suits. Defense is overly easy in Insta mode, with the 2 large areas of the map in easy access to each other and bearing very limited cover from attacks.

There is no bot support.

It is once again another 5 minute mapping job here. Anyway, with that fact aside, the gameplay is rather linear but if you are the type of player who enjoys camping your own base in Insta CTF while laughing at how many frags you rack up then you might enjoy this (provided you can find people to play against). To anyone else: avoid this.

Reviewed by themuffinator

Ranked: 1.7 out of 5 (6 votes)

Download: Q3ultraTourney3 by Ney