by Ney
Q3SOD6 by Ney

Once again, here comes a map for the Excessive Plus mod. There is not much to say about this map other than the lighting is pretty dull and there is no bot file (.aas) included (see below).

It is quite boring without the Excessive mod, but with it, I gotta admit, it's pretty fun. :) You push your way up the slippery ramp with the BFG, hurdle yourself over the pit of lava, and then slide down to the other side of the ramp.

So, yeah, if you like to play crazy maps with the Excessive mod with friends, then I would say get it. But of you don't know what the heck Excessive Plus is, then skip it.

Reviewed by gooball

Bot file and texture fix: For anyone wanting to test this map out in Q3A, Mapsking put together a bot file and texture fix patch. 4th May, 2020.

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