by Ney
Q3ultraDM3 by Ney

This is in all practicality a straight-forward CTF version of Arena of Death (Q3DM3). The bases are mirrored and joined by the RA courtyard with the flags spawning at the PG/RL teamed spawn. There are no base color schemes so the only way to know which base you are in is by seeing what color flag is there.

The item set is practically identical to the original. This includes the RL/PG teamed spawn at both flag points (yes, I bet he did not even flinch when he decided to put the flags right on top of the weapon spawns.

"But wait a second there themuffinman... are you telling me that there are now *TWO* (!!!) Red Armors in the center-field in easy reach from one another that gives you a guaranteed 200 Armor points in less than a second?"

Yes, absurdly, that is exactly the case.

The item layout is terrible, and even though the author recommends this for Insta Rail mode, the fact remains that when you are releasing a map you have still got to make sure that the items are right since not everyone will want to play Insta Rail.

There is no bot support.

The level of failure here is rather extreme. If you are going to make a CTF version (or any variation or port) of someones map, at least have the respect to put in the time and effort to make it as good as you can possibly make it, not some 5 minute job at mirroring the map and adding flags (because that is almost exactly what this is). Take sst13's CTF maps as perfect examples of how to do the job properly.

It's not worth the download.

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