A tight little Italian
A tight little Italian by dONKEY

At first the map appears to be monochromatic, almost like an old black and white film. However, soon you notice, as you move through the old European town with narrow walkways and bridges made by a few planks laid across open spaces, that there are subtle color variations with lots of detail. The toll of a bell occasionally can be heard and a tweeting of birds may also be noticed wafting through the still air.

The map does have atmosphere on its side. The cramped hallways make game play challenging, as it is easy to be ambushed or blindsided. This type of game play may not suit everyone's taste as there are no large open spaces so that larger numbers of players may make it impossible to figure out where the next volley of fire will come from.

There is a trick, that is easily mastered, with which you may obtain the RA. There is no BFG and I detected no secrets, although there are numerous spots to hide in wait for an unwary passer by. You will find the MegaHealth and Quad Damage both helpful in gaining or keeping the upper-hand. There is easily enough firepower to be obtained within the walls to sustain a four player free for all.

Over all, this is a nice "tight little" map that you will probably want to download and use; save a copy in a safe place.

Reviewed by Hooyaah

Tigs notes: There are a number of item changes between the DM and Tourney versions. The review appears to have focused on the DM item layout.

Ranked: 3.8 out of 5 (26 votes)

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