The Cistern
by Mink
The Cistern by Mink

Minkdm5 is a faithful reproduction of the Quake Deathmatch arena, The Cistern, for Quake 3 and the author has for the most part retained the original map layout and item placement while using lighting and texturing to recreate this levels original Quake look and atmosphere. Green health bubbles and armour shards are included and the Plasma Gun replaces the supernailgun and the Battle Suit replaces the pentagram of protection. Fighting takes place over 4 levels; 2 upper levels of catwalks, the ground level and a subterranean reservoir that will see a lot of underwater fighting, something rare in custom maps these days. Bot file and arena file are included.

The author states in the readme file the level was designed with Generations Arena in mind, although I cannot see what this remakes appeal would be aside from the nostalgia. The Arena file supports this level in DM, Tourney and Team Deathmatch menus but lacks location entities and sufficient Machine Gun ammo to support 4 a side teams. Given the advances that have been made by many mappers in the area of level design, geared toward multiple routes and enhancement in gameplay, there is little on offer in terms of gameplay here to hold a persons interest. True to the rectangular design of pathways and routes in the original, expect a lot of corridor fighting. I suspect those familiar with the original will not be interested in revisiting the Cistern in this remake as there is nothing new on offer; playing it felt a lot like I was taking a regression in playing style. In this respect minkdm5 requires the strategic element to Tourney and Team Deathmatch to lend it some body; as a free for all it is lack lustre.

While minkdm5 is well constructed, considering there are some far better textured remakes of the Cistern out at the moment with tweaks in item placement and new routes, I would be inclined to revisit those and give this one a miss.

Reviewed by Mark

Ranked: 3.5 out of 5 (10 votes)

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