The Cistern
by Mink
"The Cistern" - For Quake III Arena
by: Thomas "Mink" Krepshaw
My third attempt at building a map.
Filenames: minkdm5.pk3, minkdm5.txt
Author: Thomas "Mink" Krepshaw
Address: **email removed**

The Cistern never really held my attention like DMs 3, 4, and 6 for Quake 1 did. Those three maps were my favorites from an age gone by.

Why did I decide to remake DM5 then? Well, I read the definition of 'cistern' just out of randomness, and it inspired me. I never really knew what a cistern was. After reading it, I had grand plans of pipes along the walls, pumping water into the reservoir located on the map, and rooms that you could see through windows but never reach. After years of very slight tinkering, and even redoing all of what I had done at one point, I abandoned the pipe and unreachable room idea.

I am not a good mapper, and I knowingly admit this. I was simply asking too much of myself.. so I went back to basics and remade the map in a style that I can actually attain. That is, plain and overly simple.. just like my DM4 remake.

I hope you all like the map, even if it is quite simple in nature. I had fun making it, even after abandoning my ideas for the map. It's a shame I couldn't pull them off effectively, but.. sacrifices had to be made.
Thanks to:
ID Software for making the best FPS games from an age gone by.

Wirehead Studios for making the Generations Arena mod this map was designed for.

Tim Willits for creating the original map that inspired this one.

The Quake Revitalization Project ( ) for the door and water textures.

'Tabun' for the Q1-style button texture, and for the teleport textures and shader.

The Middle English for creating the word 'cistern'.
Map Instructions:

Unzip minkdm5.pk3 into your baseq3 directory.
Launch the game and go into the skirmish option and search for the map.
Frag till you can't frag no more!
Or type "/map minkdm5" in the console and add bots manually.

BOT support - YES
Deathmatch - YES
Team Deathmatch - YES
Capture The Flag - NO
Tournament - YES
New Textures - YES
New Sounds - NO
New Music - NO

Base: Made from scratch, only referencing screenshots of the original DM5

Programs Used: GTKRadiant/q3map2build/GIMP/PakScape

Known Bugs: None known

Copyright and Permissions:

Copyright (c) 2009 Tom Krepshaw

Quake & Quake III Arena are registered trademarks of id Software, Inc.

Generations Arena is Copyright (c) Wirehead Studios

This level may be electronically distributed only at NO CHARGE to the recipient in its current state, MUST include this .txt file, and must NOT be modified IN ANY WAY.

If you want to use this map for anything other than Generations and vanilla Q3, I only request that you ask me first. Thank you.