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Dreams in Digital
by NoVA
<<<WARNING, DOWNLOADING THIS LEVEL MAY LEAD TO ADDICTION AND PSYCHOTIC TANTROMS, PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK...>>> new textures: yea new sounds: like totally! bot support: fo-real Tom Green: sorry... Orgy's hit new song Fiction(dreams in digital): YEA!!!!! i'm a huge ORGY fan! and Jay G. is my hero (so are u JB) this map contains the Fiction(Dreams in Digital) full song, in low quality wav format. this map is a promotion for (and inspired by) ORGY's new song Fiction(Dreams in Digital),:::i have made this map for high end computers...::: high end puter users i insist only download this map, if your gonna DL it anyway be prepared for one hell of sh-tty looking ride :( sorry, thats the way it is, it was tested on a 500mhz AMD athalon, 128 mb ram, voodoo 3( about 20 fps average at 800x600 res) and a 750mhz P3 celeron, 250 mb ram, voodoo 5 5000( about 115 fps average at 1024x720 res>: ) <<<there will be another release of this map in a month at the latest, remade in most parts and hopefully a little smoother, and helluva lot pretty-er...next release the set for DREAMS IN DIGITAL will be like anatomically correct or watever...(it will look like the real set, same textures, hot chick in the bed/coffin thing) -this map was made with q3radiant wich is a registerd trade mark of ID software inc. ... -Fiction (Dreams In Digital) is performed by ORGY (the greatest band there is) look for there new album "Vapor Transmission" in stores soon -i am in no way affiliated with ID software inc. or ORGY thanx goes out to... JB, ORGY, Tom Green(the bum bum song has inspired my next map Anti-Fantasy),THANX TO JOHN RIESECK a.k.a. Zaro just cuz he said to thank him...peace dogg! i think i'm forgetting something...oh yea ~there is no spoon p34c3 mi chy1dr3n NoVA Re-Born Q3A Level Designer VOTE FOR FICTION(DREAMS IN DIGITAL) ON TotalRequestLive!!!! ::ANOTHER NOTE!!!:: THIS MAP WAS MADE IN THE DARK (AS IN NIGHT) AND MY MONITOR AND GAMES BRIGHTNESS IS WAY WAY DOWN, U SHOULD DO THE SAME, ITS A TRIP! ::OLD NOTE:: I CAN'T STRESS IT ENOUGH!!!! A POWERFULL COMPUTER IS NEEDED TO RUN THIS LEVEL WELL!!!!! @}--}---< email address: **email removed** icq number: 60778143
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