Zacharias q3 version
Zacharias q3 version by Takkie

Most of Takkie's maps (as far I could find) are small multi-level single atrium maps and Zacharias is no exception to that rule. Here we have a small 2 level tech themed box map. There is no ammo, also common with Takkie's maps. This is not a problem though because you normally never live long enough to run out of it!

Downstairs we have a GL and PG whilst the stairs contain an SG and the upper level the RL. There is ample health and armour in the map, the biggest price being the RA in a pit at the bottom of the level that you can drop down into or access via a two way (in and out of the pit) teleporter from the top level, you can also use a jump pad back out of the RA pit to the lower level. There is one further teleporter on the lower level that takes you to the top level.

Lastly the upper level is also accessible via two jump pads from the lower level. One of which has 3 small health spheres in it's flight path. Lighting in the level is good and there is some nice texture / shader work going on in the map. I particular like the water window boxes and the teleporter shader.

Takkie recommends a player load of 3 on this map. And this works well because where Takkie's Peer q3version works excellently offline as 1v1 map, this map fails in that it is simply a matter of camping the PG. Although Takkie has not included the option in the .arena file, 2v2 works nicely as well.

Box maps are not everyone's cup of tea and I must admit I normally like big maps, even for 1v1. I suspect the reason for this is most Box maps are the first product of a newbie mapper. So when a mapper, like Takkie, who seems to understand what a makes a box map, comes along, they make for a nice little distraction, because every once in a while it is nice to keep it simple.

Final Words: As it is a box map, it will not be everyone's cup of tea. However Takkie's maps stand out above the normal run of the mill box map and as such, although you may not keep them I encourage you to give them a go.

Reviewed by Foralarx

Ranked: 3.8 out of 5 (12 votes)

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