Sublevel Tokay
by fKd
Sublevel Tokay by fKd

The details, textures and the whole construction of this release is quite impressive. Textures are combined almost perfectly. Lights are sober, but a little more contrast may have highlighted the architecture better. The lower section with the MH is well designed. The Regen placement is an interesting solution with the teleporter in the upper room.

Some more words should be said about the gameplay and item/spawn-placement, which did not blow me away as much. For example, the RL and GL are too close. Same issue with the RA and MH. The health count comes out at 130 points (3x25, 1x50, 3x5) plus the MH. This really is low for a Team DM, FFA or Tourney match. As a reference, protourney4 has 170 points. The ammo amounts are balanced, but placing two boxes of PG ammo next to the PG spawn is a bit of a concern. With only 6 player spawn points, it is easy to pick off or locate a respawned player. A few more spawn location would have been nice to see.

The bots play mostly fine, not challenging, but still entertaining. I only noticed one small issue after a bot grabbed the Regen - then appeared to fall into the void below.

In conclusion, I would rate the level an 8/10. I really admire the structure, textures, light and sound, but the gameplay is affected by limited spawn points, item balance and placement. Well worth downloading but may be more suited to 2vs2 or FFA over Tourney.

Reviewed by Rynvord

Ranked: 3.9 out of 5 (50 votes)

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