A nicely sized DM or small TeamDM level that doubles as a hunt-based Tourney release. Visually, this is a love or hate aesthetic. A bright blue light trim texture wraps around almost all edges and can create a harsh contrast to the stone and wood textures used elsewhere. The entire map is flooded with light and because the wall and floor textures are similar, the level can be a little disorientating.

The construction and level of detail however is excellent. A long curved hallway wraps around a tall central atrium with multiple levels and access points. The map is fast to navigate, but still has a few places to hide. Skilled players will be able to take advantage of a few architecture features, but this will not make the map less rewarding or less fun for others. Unless you are running on a PC with the almost 10 year old minimum specs set for Q3, the framerate is high as well.

Gameplay is focused a bit too much around the central atrium and the main jumppad to the Yellow Armour. This is because of the location of the MegaHealth and Quad also being so close by. The Red Armour is located away from here to try to pull the gameplay over, but it is just not enough. When you go for the RA, you almost always feel like you are running away from the action, not too it.

Bots play the map without any known issues, however they also focus on the main atrium and jumppad to YA location.

The negative points highlighted above are minor ones but do need to be mentioned. They should not distract you from downloading an otherwise great release. Grab it!

Ranked: 4 out of 5 (21 votes)