Tour of Death
Tour of Death by D_ooMNiCK

An unusual layout and visual style. The map is a little dark and a number of the texture choices appear to clash, but the layout and item placement is mostly successful for DM games.

The gameplay flows throughout and over the two floors. The action in DM games includes close-up tight fire-fights as well as open and vertical fights. Some fine tuning of a few items could also improve gameplay for Tourney matches.

Bot play is pretty good with no real noticeable issues. There are a few missing textures, but these are easy look beyond.

A good release but could have benefited with a few visual tweaks and checks before being released. Items lead to more of a small DM release than a Tourney.

Missing textures? Grab the mapmedia.pk3. Thanks to Mapsking for the info about the missing textures. 4th Oct, 2019

Tigs notes: A second version of the map was released with a pro attachment to the title.

Ranked: 3.3 out of 5 (8 votes)

Download: Tour of Death by D_ooMNiCK