Neon Light
Neon Light by r3x.theCat

Note: A bot file and all missing textures are corrected in the patch file. Be sure to grab it!

The map layout, item placement and game play are good, but there is a missing texture issue. You need bal3dm4, cpm23 and cpm24 from the CPMA map pack installed on your computer. This clears all but 2 textures, which I could not find which maps they are from. The paths were textures/bastir/grill_wall03.tga and textures/classic2_0/brownrock.tga.

The other nitpick, is the lack of bot support. So you will need a couple of friends to actually get a feel for this maps potential.

Overall this is a good release, minus the missing textures and lack of bot support

Download this if you have a friends to play a couple rounds with. The issues will shorten the lifespan on many hard drives.

Reviewed by Bizkit

Update 12th May, 2020: Thanks to Mapsking for putting together a bot file and textures patch for this release in a single download.

Update 16.Mar.2008: Mj has sent in a patch file with all the texture errors corrected. The original release with the texture errors is still required as only the missing textures are in the patch file. The bot file is still missing.

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Download: Neon Light by r3x.theCat