The Summoning
The Summoning by evillair

A small Tourney map using the standard Gothic textures. The map is optimized for use with OSP/CPMA promode physics. It is playable in normal vQ3, but the layout of the map is highly designed for use of air-strafing, along with double-jumping. The movement speeds that can be achieved with the use of those physics, make it become a deadly duel map once you learn to control it. Gameplay is great.

The mapper is highly known for the custom models and texture packs that he makes for Q3. I don't believe that anyone could count the amount of Q3 custom maps that have made use of them here at ..::LvL or other mapping sites in the past. The part that I've found to be the most amazing thing about this map, is that the mapper didn't use any of them, and still the maps looks great.

It's nice to see someone make a good Gothic styled map. It doesn't happen very often.

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Ranked: 4 out of 5 (20 votes)

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