Hypothermia by RotaryFist.cz

Hypothermia is a FFA map best suited for 4 players. It has a modern (but not futuristic) atmosphere and the author states that it is supposed to be an obsolete Russian military base in the 21st century.

The map is made up of two levels connected via a jumppad and a one-way elevator. You basically travel in circles around the two levels, changing between the upper and lower level from time to time. Connectivity and interaction between the levels are rather low and some of the rooms are dead-ends. This frequently occurs in real world architecture but makes little sense for a q3a map. Computers, desks and furniture scattered around the rooms remind one of Urban Terror maps, but the pieces do not really fit together and the map fails to create a dense atmosphere.

Item placement is random with ammo, shards and health spread throughout every corridor. It takes 2 seconds to go from Quad to RA. The bots get stuck almost every time they try to get the Invisibility available in a 'secret' you can not leave without ducking. On top of that, some places need more clipping.

I see little reasons to download this map. Some people may want to give it a try, but very few will keep it.

Reviewed by spirit

Note: It is possible to locate and view a poster of a topless woman, hidden in a secret area. If you find breast offensive, you may wish to skip this level or simply do not go looking for secrets.

Ranked: 3.7 out of 5 (16 votes)

Download: Hypothermia by RotaryFist.cz