Critical Decision
Critical Decision by Moses

Critical Decision by Moses, is a medium-sized base styled map that has all of the weapons bar the BFG. It has a series of rooms, connected by hallways, and each room that you enter has a different feel and look. Some of it kind of gives of a feeling of architecture, with angles. Some skill. There is one room I didn't really catch onto, where you take a bouncepad over a large glass contained room in the center of the huge room that you're in, and it goes over to another bouncepad on the other side. It's fun if you like bouncing I guess.

There is one thing in this map that keeps me hanging onto it. It's a big spinning machine that is glass enclosed within the floor in one room, and you can also look at it from the downstairs hallway. The machine, which kind of looks like a generator, spins in perfect unison with the RL that sits directly on top of it. It almost gives of the feeling that it's spinning the Rocket Launcher. Have these machines always been underground in the arenas, and we just never knew? I always kind of wondered why they spin all together. Well now I know.

Check it out.

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