Critical Decision
Date: December 4th 2003
Game: Quake III Arena
Title: Critical Decision
File: q3map-moses_dm6.pk3
Map Name: moses_dm6.bsp
Author: Freddie "Moses" Wakanno / [FSF]Moses
Email address: **email removed**
Description: Not too large multi-level map with
lots of vertical gameplay too :)
Looks like some kind of strange
powerplant which doesn't look to be
abandoned for very long. The generator
is still working and eveything is looking
like it's still active.
id Software for making such a great game!

[FSF]Sandy for giving food, drinks
and emotional support while mapping.
I luv ya baby!

Hr.O for providing the very useful
Q3Map2 Toolz

ydnar for making such a great compiler for
Q3 Engine based games: Q3Map2

Evil Lair of HFX for his great
texture packs EL6 and EL8

snickelfritz for helping me out with those decals
versus drawn tris

pjw for telling me all about the polygonOffset variable
in the used shader

All the others including ydnar for providing much
useful info on this polygonOffset thingie :D

Xeph for helping me with the item
placement... Plays much better now

Todtsteltzer for mailing the 1st beta
back to me. I was SOOOO STUPID to lose
everything on my system due to a HW crash
Thank you very much for saving my @$$. Also
many thanks for your shards/5 health suggestions.

Vegard for pointing out some small lighting
issues and commenting on the shards/5 health

AE-on for info/suggestions on the lighting.
Changed some areas, because they were faaaar
too dark or faaar too bright

Krekits for pointing out the pg issue. I had
some troubles with it but I'm on the right
way, I hope. Thanks for the demos for pointing
this out :)
Oh and thanks for discover the floorbreaking lights
in the floors at some parts of the map

Vegard for pointing out the polydonOffset
z-fighting issue and those patches (again)

Ydnar for helping me out with those damn
shadows on patches and the polygonOffset
issue (again)

Thanks to everyone who helped me out
with this map and wasn't mentioned
above :D

Added .map file
Supported Gametypes

Tourney: yes
Deathmatch: yes
Team DeathMatch: yes
Capture The Flag: no
Harvester (TA): no
OneFlag (TA): no
Overload (TA): no
Bot File (aas): Yes (Optimized)
New Sounds: yes
New Graphics: yes
New Music: no

Base: My own idea ie. from scratch...
Editor: gtkRadiant 1.2.13/1.3.8-beta
Other Software: Windows 2000 Professional UK/Windows XP Professional UK
Other Progs: Q3Map Tools by Hr.O (Keep 'm going!)
Compiler: Ydnar's Q3map2 2.5.7 - Great work Ydnar!:)
Hardware: AMD Duron 1.3 GHz / 256 MB
Gainward GeForce 3 MX Ti200
1x 20 GB Maxtor HD
1x 120 GB Maxtor HD
Know Bugs: Some very small texture mis-alignments and such.
Some sounds are a bit too loud maybe :(
You should buy a decent machine and
video-card to play Quake III Arena
in full glory (big grin)
Build Time: approx 20 months
Compile time: approx 24 Minutes
Distribution / Copyright / Permissions

This map may not be included on any CD or exploited
commercially in any way without the prior permission
of the author. It may not be used as a base for
other peoples maps. This zip file may be distributed
freely in *any* electronical format (not including
material format, such as CD or Zip Disk) without the
prior permission of the author as long as the zip
file remains unmodified. Thank you.