Puncture Wound
Puncture Wound by swar)v(

Puncture Wound created by swar)v( consists of base style textures. It looks marvelously put together and, all in all, looks beautiful. There are also models that makes the map look even cooler. Like for instance, a bobbing gigantic knife going up and down which looks incredible. Then, there's the neat portal swar)v( had used throughout the level. As well as the lava that brings out the textures to your eyes and matches the awesome teleporters. The lighting also fits the overall environment. Puncture Wound doesn't just look great, it plays excellent as well.

Gameplay is fast paced. Especially with jumpads, 5 teleporters, and the small size of the map. Bots will find you no matter what since the teleporters take you just about everywhere in the map. So, there's no running away. The layout was well planned and constructed. Item placement is decent. The weapons are a little bit too close to each other, but it's not bad. It actually makes a focus point in the map. Health, ammo, armor are ok, due to the fact you won't need it because you might already be killed and probably won't have time to use it unless in Tourney. The bots, as said, will find and hunt you down and are a challenge at sometimes.

swar)v( has done a magnificent job putting this level together. Give Puncture Wound a whirl. I know I'll be keeping it for a time to come.

Reviewed by J2KoOl63

Ranked: 3.9 out of 5 (13 votes)

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