by mic
camo-retro by mic

This medium-sized tech / alien styled map is completely built with custom textures, which fit the three-floor-architecture very well. There are 2 YAs, a MH and all weapons, except the BFG. Also, there is a small secret room with a Portable Medkit and quite nice ambient sound; you will have to search some time to find that room, but I'd suggest you do so - it's worth it ;)

The connectivity and item placement of Camo-Retro are damn nice considering the author doesn't really play games online. Small DM games, 2on2 TDMs and Tourneys mean fun for quite some hours. Bots play fine.

All in all this map is a solid artwork combining custom textures and sound with very good gameplay. Download it now - should be a keeper.


Update: The original release had some issues with the pk3. This has been corrected and the download will now work on all platforms. (31.Dec.2005)

Ranked: 4 out of 5 (11 votes)

Download: camo-retro by mic