by mic
camo-retro by mic
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lol unregistered
#9   21 Mar 2010
This map is availible in supeR,Mini1v1 server, in OpenArena 0.8.1.
Never heard OpenArena?
Download OpenArena Website:
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 5822
#8   04 Aug 2008
slick but i'm a little bit disappointed with the secret - the shootable button opening up the secret teleporter is fine but not having it refer back to an actual teleporter as an object makes it a little bit harder to find than is necessary. entry into it is a little bit hit and miss as well. i think if the button triggered the opening of a vortex portal (a la Team Arena) in the sky that would have been nicer. i also think having the teleporter a bit out of the way from the button itself (like in parisi's dead meat) would introduce a greater sense of caution and risk to its use - it would make it harder for the player activating the secret to reach it and use it and allow greater opportunity for your opponent to have a chance at using it too - meaning you would have to think twice before activating it.
Edited: 12 Aug 2010 AEST
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Anonymous unregistered
#7   06 Feb 2006
\o/ THATS a comment
thank you bluemonkey :o)
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bluemonkey Rep. 30
#6   29 Jan 2006
I really like it. I only got to play it against bots and found it suits 4 player games really well. I like the jump pad combined with weapon distribution, it was always possible with a bit of luck to reach one and turn round new weapon in hand. The fact that you have a combinination of wide and narrow areas and the way that there are lots of grounde to cover with really nice interlinks between them kept the gameplay quite varied I think.

It reminded me of Quake 1 a lot actually with lots of flat wide open areas on the middle level, as well as lots of nicely designed angular brickwork. I loved the little touches like the wiring and the very small use of the fog. The teleporters were nice too and the skybox had just the right atmosphere for the textures, shame you don't get a chance to see it much really :).

I'll be keeping it anyway.

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Tig Rep. 1414
#5   31 Dec 2005
The download link has been updated.
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mic Rep. 0
#4   31 Dec 2005
ok done ...pk3 repaired
DL it here :

and now its time to say something about the map I think :op
thx :o) cu

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Tig Rep. 1414
#3   30 Dec 2005
Have you thought about a re-release with these issues fixed up? If you like, I can do it and re-upload the pk3. It would only take a few minutes - just let me kow.
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mic Rep. 0
#2   30 Dec 2005
yepp sorry :o)
pk3man (radiant-plugin) does that

Edited: 30.Dec.2005 19:29 UTC

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HMMM unregistered
#1   30 Dec 2005
Some files are dated from the 17th century? And 1969? And textures appear to the filesystem as folders?
The bsp and aas are empty folders on NTFS and NTFS mounted drives in Linux. WTF?
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