Puncture Wound
Puncture Wound by swar)v(
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FragTastic Rep. 2297
#3   21 May 2012
It's a good attempt for your first map. I appreciate you posted your work and it's nice seeing mappers first work and seeing there others to compare the amount of effort and work has been improved. Good map for your first try!. 7.5/10
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swar)v( Rep. 0
#2   02 Jan 2006
Thanks for the review! I'm really glad people enjoy it.

I'd just like to add that I geared this map more for promode than for vq3, specifically 1v1. Also, I didn't use any custom models, I made everything in the map out of brushes and patches with stock q3 textures :)

I just got home from Iraq so now maybe I'll be able to play this map with some live opponents! CPMA anyone? :)

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Myth unregistered
#1   22 Dec 2005
Great tourney/small DM map, and a good job making the Stock Q3 textures look fresh.

A keeper for sure.

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