Last Minutes Of Pompeii
by aVe
Last Minutes Of Pompeii by aVe

A mid-sized map and it certainly appears that the designer managed to create a Mediterranean feel. However it's more like running through Pompeii on a gloomy day than running through chaotic ash covered streets seconds before a massive eruption. This doesn't eliminate the great design or game play though.

The set-up is basically a main open area with connecting corridors and halls. The textures used for walls and architecture are fairly simple yet are catchy to the eye. The Greek/roman feel really comes into play if you take a closer look at some of the tile designs used in the halls and flooring. The stairs and water reflections are noticeable as well. Other scene setting eye candy is the patches of broken floor tile and the Mediterranean style pools.

Game flow is quick in a whoever has the fastest trigger finger wins sort of way when playing humans as there are many corners to turn and run into foes. When playing bots however, you can always find them in the center corridor blasting away and occasionally lost in a hallway. Every weapon except for the bfg and grenade launcher is available and item placement works out fine.

It's not a breakthrough in map design, nor is it a poor attempt. Download and give it a try.


Ranked: 3.8 out of 5 (13 votes)

Download: Last Minutes Of Pompeii by aVe