Last Minutes Of Pompeii
by aVe
Title: Last Minutes Of Pompeii
Filenames: aveq3dm1.pk3, aveq3dm1.txt
File size:
Author: Xavier "aVe" Lardy
Mail: **email removed**

Description: While the Vesuvio was erupting and the crowd running for their lives,
deathmatchers invested the place for a ultimate game.
I choose Pompeii as a guideline for this map, that is the "first publishable"
after 3 others attempts. It's halfway between learning project and "fun map",
that I also geared toward competition after lengthy playtest.
I bumped into the gameplay vs. architecture problem. Everybody has a first map :)

Other maps:
- a coupla old doom2 maps (Made with DoomEd & WinDEU)
- directing the Doom3 machinima serie "Everlasting Dreams"

Other level design work:
- Jack The Ripper (DreamCatcher/Microids)

Additional Credits:
- Artists who took part of Mapcenter map contest #4 (Mediterranean) & #5 (Stones & Rocks).
- !tequila for the dimming shader

Thanks to:
- you :)
- dONKEY & Twisted for countless help on troubleshooting and misc. technical explanation
- live beta testers : (vincoof, scaramanga, Bionic Gerbil)
- Hex for putting LMOP on beta servers
- beta testers @ map_center : (kudos to starjmunnen & Anwulf)
- alpha testers @ Q3W
- [mr.] clan for support (bjorn, No, I owe you big)

Map Instructions:

Unzip aveq3dm1.pk3 into your Quake III Arena/baseq3/ directory.
Launch game and go into the skirmish option and scan for levelshot.
Better suited for TDM.

Test Machine : PIII 933 / 512 RAM / Geforce2MX

In game Support - YES
BOT support - YES
Deathmatch - YES
New Textures - YES / MapCenter4 & MapCenter5
New Models - YES (Volcano & Altar)
New Sounds - NO


Base: New level from scratch.
Editor Used: Q3Radiant 1.4 / Q3Map2 / Q3MapToolz / PakScape
Known Bugs: some parts of the map are made visible throught sky brushes (doesn't hurt gameplay).

Total Compile Time : about 1 hour
Compile switches :
BSP -bsp -meta -skyfix -v
VIS -vis -saveprt -v
LIGHT -light -fast -patchshadows -samples 2 -bounce 2 -bouncescale 1.1 -v
BSPC -forcesidesvisible -optimize -bsp2aas

Copyright and Permissions:

You can download and play this level as long as you want until your eyes bleeds :)
You can add this level to any mappack as long as you give authors credit.
Reminder : textures, sounds, level ayout are properties of their respective owners.

(c) Copyright 2004-2005 Xavier Lardy