The Black Realm - Special Edition
The Black Realm - Special Edition by sst13

The author demonstrates a flare for the darker side of interior design, incorporating black marble textures and towering columns in to an eye pleasing cathedral motif. The grey veins running through the walls also lend themselves well to the invisibility pickup hovering just a rocket jump away in the center of the large atrium (if there's another way to get it, the readme might benefit from an explanation), reflecting the visual effect of this powerup.

Sadly, where this level excels in visuals, it's let down by uninspired gameplay. Aside from bunny hopping and rocket jumping, all of the action takes place on one floor, which makes for very easy RG kills. The PG on the other side of the map (it's symmetrical) can be used to throw an opponents aim but it's an old trick. If I were the author I would raise or lower the side wings of the cathedral to provide a little vertical fire and replace the invisibility with something more desirable to create a focus area for the action.

Provides an okay blast, but no more so than any of the original ID maps.

Reviewed by Text-Fish.

Ranked: 4.3 out of 5 (17 votes)

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