Lively Complex
Lively Complex by Shaviro

Lively complex is a rather small map, and as author says - reinterpretation of DoomII - Map07 (Dead Simple). The whole arena is a square with walkway above that can be accessed by lifts or teleporter. There are no jump pads or launch ramps. Architecture is quite simple but together with good custom textures and well done lighting this map looks quite nice ... but no sounds were added to create some atmosphere.

All weapons are present including BFG and all of them are easy to grab (maybe too easy - 4 different weapons spawn just one jump from each other). Haste, Regeneration and Invisibility powerups are also included.

Gameplay can be good vs humans but don't think of playing BOTS. Although the aas file is included, bots play like it was not :). They never go for items and furthermore they stand most of the time on the spot not doing anything. I don't know what may cause this since this map has simple layout.

If you have some friends to play, give it a try. If you have no option but to play only bots you may be disappointed with this map.

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