WRtourney3 by Hack-writer

WRtourney3 is not a very large map. Mostly of corridors plus a smaller room with a pool. There is small beach outside - the most spacious area in the map. The beach is clipped away and this looks very unprofessional. A few steps into the water you will be stopped by invisible player-clip. From there you can also see that the skybox (by Amethyst7) does not match well.

Texturing is not bad but its nothing what you will love. Original Gothic textures and some custom textures were used. Lightning is good, but i think there is an overuse of Gothic cross lights of different colours. No sound was added, which does not help to create some atmosphere. Some original q3 models can be found.

Gameplay is affected by the absence of larger rooms. Corridors are not too narrow but RL or GL mostly rule here. Not much vertical action takes place except by a few of the stairs and the center room. There are no jumppads or launch ramps. All weapons are present except Rail Gun and bfg, there is no Quad, regen or Battle Suit. Outside on the beach you can grab the MegaHealth. There is also a "rocket rain" surprise (I won't tell more here :).

Bot play is supported, by default you face Hunter and Keel. Bots are quite good but don't go to some places (jumps for armor etc.) I suggest playing humans if possible. I think this map is much better for Tourney play than DM, as suggested by the title.

Since it's not a large download, give it a go. But I don't think it will become part of your favourites collection.

Reviewed by honzik (cz)

Ranked: 3.3 out of 5 (5 votes)

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