pro-q3dm17 by <n00b>pall

Another Q3DM17 conversion, or rather deversion (excuse my invented word). Imagine a world of Q3DM17 where your only weapons are the rocket launcher and the machine gun - although strangely enough there are some rail and Shot Gun ammo boxes hanging around, removed bouncer textures in the center, and a full-bright compile (yes, you should be close to vomiting by now). pro-q3dm17 is what you get, and it definitely does NOT "deserve this pro- prefix". The author gives a story of how he played in the demo version of Quake III Arena, and in that version they had certain "rules" for dueling in certain maps. If he realised that in the full version you only need a modification such as OSP and a nice server configuration to give you the original, better looking, Q3DM17 with as much rocket only fun as you want, he could have saved his 2 hour compile time and as long as it took to make the poor geometry changes. In an attempt to give feedback to the author (the map is named as a beta version), I must say to actually change the layout in some way, compile with some light, and make a bot file so that if we don't like it we can play it a couple of times through by our selves then send it to our trusty recycling bin.

I can, in absolutely no way, recommend downloading this map.

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Bot support patch: Colton has put together a bot support patch for this map that does just, adds bot support.

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