Map: pro-q3dm17
Modes: tourney, ffa, tricks
Weapons: rocket launcher, mashinegun
Settings: timelimit 10, fraglimit 30, thrufloors 1;
Idea: <n00b>pall, icq 444441, **email removed**
Pings: 50-60 desired for coolest game, 100 - 120 for rockets war.
COmpiling: about 2 hours on P2 - 400, 192mb RAM.

This is map is simple edit of q3dm17. Items removed from map:
quad, railgun, shotgun. No new items added. There is cool jumpad.

First of all this map is for players who came to full version
of quake 3 from DEMO version.

With no cheats on it this map can be played in 1v1 mode
and I am sure that many people will enjoy playing it.
I want see some good players playing on this map. Thanks.

Some time I played in DEMO version of Quake 3 Arena. DEMO is full of noobs,
but it has many skillfull players and chaters too.
There are only 4 maps available in DEMO: q3dm1, q3dm7, q3dm17, q3tourney2.
There are some FFA games in all of these maps, but most played gametype
is tourney for sure. Its strange but most tourney played map is q3dm7.
After it comes q3dm17, then q3tourney2 and at last place q3dm1. As you know
q3dm17 and q3dm7 are not duel maps for some reasons. But its possible to play
duels there but with some rules.
In q3dm17 these rules are: no quad, no rail, no shotgun.
In q3dm7 these rules are: no megahealth, no quad, no teleport.
It was really fun playign these maps in DEMO , so I wanted to bring them to
all players in full version by applying such rules and giving pro- prefix.
I think that these maps deserve this pro- prefixes.

elf.clan dead DEMO clan
ox.clan almos dead DEMO clan
ds.clan dead DEMO clan
bs.clan dead DEMO clan
Water sucker from Poland
Unforgiven just sucker:)

Special thanks:
prana one german Quake 3 Arena DEMO freak:), old guy.
ToT.clan UK clan, community ->
gron cheater from one of DEMO clans, but good player also. Beep, Beep.
ox.comtrax member of ox clan, very old guy.
DEMON UK ISP in UK (quake 3 Arena servers - DEMO and full version).
all readers my english sucks. thanks.