Halls of the Damned
Halls of the Damned readme file

File name: Storm3tourney6.pk3
AUthor: Justin 'StormShadow' Ingels
Release date: 2/17/2005
Website: www.planetquake.com/stormshadow
Contact: **email removed**
Description: Smallish map intended for 1v1 or small FFA games. Works well with CPMA and OSP.
Use: Extract storm3tourney6.pk3 into baseq3 directory; type /map storm3tourney6 into console

Tools: GTKRadiant 1.3.9
arenamaster 1.0.1
q3map2tools 0.6.8
q3map2 :)
Adobe Photoshop 7.0

Textures: 'Gloom' textures - not sure who made them. Email me if you know so i can give proper credit
Gnosis texture set by Undule
One or two baseq3 textures
Environment: 'Bloody Marvelous' skybox by The Mighty Pete

Thanks to: NECROSIS, V-Thrax, wviperw, swelt, Finko, poub, annie, burial-grounds.com community, promode.org
community, anyone else who I forgot (I always forget someone!)

Feedback: This map is a final, so its not likely that errors will get rectified (unless they are major), but
feel free to email me with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Notes: I made this map about a year and a half ago. I had stopped working on it for a number of reasons,
and never got around to finishing it. Anyway, a week or so ago I found it collecting dust in my
baseq3/maps dir, and I opened it up and took a look at it. Despite how fugly it looked, it actually
played quite well, so I decided to give it a face lift, do some gameplay tweaking, and release it.
So here it is, after 2 long years in the making. Have fun!