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pro-q3dm17 by <n00b>pall
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[ToT] Macias unregistered
#14   21 Aug 2018
Great map, and great game (best ever for me). How much i would like to see all old friends from gifford server
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Unforgiven unregistered
#13   24 Feb 2017
Damn, <noob>pall, I don't even know how I found this page... Nostalgia, I guess? Anyway it brings lots of good memories from the good old times on Quake III Demo. Thanks for your very special credit about me ;-)
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Colton Rep. 319
#12   25 Apr 2016
I think it could've been a good map if the original lightmap was preserved & the textures for the weapon spawns were changed to the texture used by the rest of the 2nd floor platforms... And if the rail/shotgun clips were deleted off the level, or replaced with rocket launchers (& rockets) themselves...
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dont hate this map unregistered
#11   25 Apr 2016
This is a map for PRO'S ONLY

shadow are for causal moron's

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roli unregistered
#10   22 Apr 2016
btw, i am on this serverright now, i also play(ed) this rules, i guess every skilled player does:)
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roli unregistered
#9   22 Apr 2016
just found this website after i was looking for the old demo uk server for quake 3 demo wich is still on but nobody seems to play
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Colton Rep. 319
#8   04 Mar 2016
I'll try and make a better version of this map complete with lights and bot support.
EDIT: I have a patch file for this map available at the main page for this map.
Edited 35.38 days after the original posting.
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Kaleo Rep. 30
#7   05 Feb 2008
Lighting is an essential part of mappings. Leave out the lights and shadows, and your left with a bland looking map that no-one wants to play... Who cares about architecture if you cant define one brush from another.
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<n00b>pall unregistered
#6   31 Jul 2005
Ty all!
I dont care about light becoz I dont need it in the map. I want to play on this map and not take walks. Same is about pro-q3dm7. (search for it here) In any case you guys are free to make any not physical changes you want.
If I will buy server to play it will run both maps, so that noobs from demo will have fun in 1.32 version:)
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Electro unregistered
#5   27 Jul 2005
The lighting stage of the compiler crashed or was never run?!
Either way there's no shadows and the fact that it's just based off the q3dm17 .map file that was released is bad enough.
Do NOT make any more q3dm17 remix's... the map was never good to begin with just let it go. Please.
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DevilDriver Rep. -12
#4   19 Jul 2005
This better be the last dm17 version or I'll kill myself.
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<n00b>pall unregistered
#3   17 Jul 2005
By the way - ammo boxes its like history for me. Thats why I left them attheir places.
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<n00b>pall unregistered
#2   17 Jul 2005
{DEMO}LITION, thank you for review!
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bookie unregistered
#1   16 Jul 2005
I played dm17 wiht these rules. Its cool. Its always was a problem to make others use these rules. NOw things are different.
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