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Lively Complex
Lively Complex by Shaviro
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Zod Rep. 182
#3   10 Nov 2013
Dude! The bots could not get the weapons in this map! :(
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DevilDriver Rep. -12
#2   22 Jul 2005
That was funny. 12 bots were 'away from the keyboard'.
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Shaviro unregistered
#1   15 Jul 2005
Thanks for the review.
This was my first real 3D map, so it's nice to see it again.
Yeah, the bots act like retards, and I never really figured out why. I also agree on the sound point. I should've added some ambience to the map, or a song.
Anyway. Thanks again for the nice review, and for not being picky about it being a reinterpretation.

Should anyone be interested, I am now working on Doom3: Phobos ( www.doomworld.com/phobos )

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