No way
by dAde
No way by dAde

To play this map the way I think dAde intended it to be played, you need to do a lot of jumping, from ledges to other ledges and from ledges to jumppads and such. Play is definitely meant to have a vertical aspect; it has many levels and half-levels. It's a pretty small map, but still, I find myself lost at times. There aren't any landmarks! Every last nook and cranny is textured identically, and it simply feels like you're not really going anywhere when you run around. Weapon placement is decent. You never find yourself defenseless. I think that "No Way" had the potential to be a good vertical-play map. dAde should consider expanding a little bit, adding some definite landmarks, and throwing in some extra textures. Vertical play is great, but I wish that the amount of jumping was lessened, so that bot play would be a little more exciting. I was actually able to take on a nightmare sarge in this, simply because I could go places that he wouldn't.

Might be fun with buddies for a couple rounds. Download if the boredom grabs you.

Reviewed by Radix

Tig's Notes: This map is great fun with 2 to 4 human players. If you run a small LAN, grab it!

Ranked: 3.1 out of 5 (5 votes)

Download: No way by dAde