Far and Away
Far and Away by Scythe

Far and away is a small purple hazed space map that will grab you in right away with the fast paced action it provides. This map has a strong, distinct style. Although this map has atmosphere for a space map it's a touch dark. Hiking up the ambient would have been the answer. It lacks in some layout issues. I'm not saying it doesn't play good, just some things that confused me such as 2 Rl's. A switch up with a plasma gun would have helped that situation greatly. With the red armor and the MegaHealth being to close together, this map is a easy take over. Good fun with bots or friends 1on1 or 2-6 FFA - works out good either way. This is the authors first map. Its good but just has tiny issues that should have been thought out better.

Well worth checking out if you like fast paced space maps


Ranked: 4 out of 5 (14 votes)

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